Fic: I’ve been looking all over for a gal like you (Santana, Sam, Brittana)


“I’m not trying to pick up lesbians, Santana,” Sam sighs, shoving it back in his drawer. “I already have you.”
A/N: So you know how JJ and I have a ridiculous amount of Samtana bro feelings on any given day? We sort of wrote a fic together about them. We had a ridiculous amount of fun writing this; we hope you have fun reading it!

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le snippet~


“Why did you say that, Britt?”

Brittany links arms with Santana as they leave the auditorium. “Say what?”

“You know what I mean.” Santana’s face looks serious when Brittany turns to face her. “That line about Tubbs taking ecstasy. I’m still sorry about the cigarettes, but we both know he’s not into the psychedelic scene.”

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Bed of Roses (A How I Met Your Mother fanfic)


Pairing: Barney/Robin (of course)

Rating: T (for safety)

Summary: After the events of Tick Tick Tick, Ted does not retreat to his bedroom. Instead, he finds a heartbroken Barney in a room full of rose petals.

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Fic: The Website With the Missing E (Brittany/Santana, PG-13, 4,374 words)


Marjorie prompted: Santana has a secret Tumblr. Brittany finds it. 

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fic: Notes


Title: Notes 
Pairing: Santana Lopez/Brittany Pierce
Rating: PG
Spoilers: AU.
Summary: It’s senior year, and Santana Lopez has one hell of a bizarre new locker partner.

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in a hopeless place


Title:  in a hopeless place
Fandom: Glee: Santana Lopez / Brittany Pierce
Disclaimer: I do not own or mean to offend.
Word count: 2,245
Summary:  post-3x07: Santana wants to be proud. Brittany offers it one square at a time.

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How to Love a Woman Who Was Raised by Wild Animals


Rating: Rated: T
Summary: Rachel Berry goes to Kenya to photograph the lions for National
Geographic and finds a wild Quinn there who has been living in a pride on the

Mini-fic using Future Sugar because I find her very awesome.

Sugar was staring at the only thing that she brought with her from the future. It was a gift that her auntie Rachel gave her when she turned eight-years-old. A picture of the most important people in her life, in one of their happiest moments. 

It was a risky move, really; but she needed to have some kind of reminder, as to why was she back in the first place, to carry on with her mission.

Get my parents to fall in love and help my aunt Quinn get over her current craziness because that way she will finally see how much she loves auntie Rach. 

It was an easy task, right? Just another day in the office, Rory would say to her; and honestly, he would have been right. This mission was nothing compared to the time she and Harmony tried to steal Santana’s first Grammy so they could play with it and show it to their friends. It was nothing compared to the time Puck and Rory helped her sneak out of her house, and taking Rachel’s Ducati without permission in the process, so that she could meet with her new boyfriend in another town…

She had the strength of her mami and her mom’s determination. She knew she could do anything she wanted to do, after all, she was Sugar Pierce-Lopez.

“What are you doing here?” Rachel’s voice made her jump off the choir room seat and drop all her books. “Oh My God, I am so sorry, I was never my intention to startle you, it’s just so weird to see someone that isn’t from glee in here, unless, of course, Shelby send you to spy on us and…”

“No.” Sugar cut her rant with a kind smile. She always thought the brunette was her favorite aunt, and seeing her like this was all kinds of amazing. “I was… um… waiting for Santana, because she was going to help me with… some dance moves and…” she crouched and started picking up her things. “I’ll be out in no time.” 

“It’s okay.” Rachel stated, copying Sugar’s actions to help her get everything together and no longer feeling suspicious because something about the new girl was weirdly familiar. 

She put some of the girl’s papers together before picking up and photo that was upside down and reading.

Mommies and Aunties decorating the choir room in their first anniversary together. December 2012, senior year.” frowning, she threw a confused look to Sugar just to see the girl extremely pale. 

“That’s not… that’s… umm…” she tried to get the picture out of Rachel’s hands but the brunette pulled apart and stood up. 

“Why does this photo has a date that we haven’t reached yet?” the diva asked, looking at Sugar then back at the back of the picture.

“That’s non of your business just give it to…” but before she could finish the sentence, Rachel was already turning the picture around and staring at it with wide open eyes. 

“Holy Streisand!” with her face turning almost white, she stumbled a few steps back and looked at the picture some more. “Is that… how can it be… I’m not… oh, no, no, no, no, this is not happening!” 

Sugar walked to her and put her hands gently on the diva’s shoulders. “Rachel, I need you to take a deep breath for me, can you do that?” 


“Just breathe.” 

Nodding slowly, the brunette did what she was told and a few seconds later, the color was finally returning to her face. 

“Where did you get that picture? How is it possible? Why do you have it? It’s photoshop, isn’t it? Who pay you to do this, was it Santana? Or is Quinn back to her HBIC days and now it’s coming after me again?” 

“No, it wasn’t that at all.” Sugar started to explain, but Rachel was already opening her mouth to refute her. “Can you just listen to me for a second?” 


“I’m from the future. I used my mom’s time machine to come back because one day I woke up and everything in my life was different. My moms weren’t together, my aunts weren’t together… and I had a dad, like an actual real dad, as in a man and that’s just… so, so wrong.” Sugar shook her head, sighed and continued. “Uncle Mike said that, apparently, something must have happened this year that made everything so mess up. I couldn’t live without my mami because she’s my rock, and my mom is never entirely happy if mami isn’t home and, hello! The mere thought of having to call Mr. useless-legs my dad is just sickening… in fact, I think my brain just threw up a bit.” Rachel frowned at her cruelty and Sugar just shrugged. “I came back, to set everything right and just to make sure that, you know, they make me in the future.” 

Rachel was staring at Sugar as if the girl had three heads. 

“So… umm, uncle Mike? and the photo, it says mommies and aunties, does that makes me your-“

“My aunt.” Sugar smiled widely. “You are actually my favorite, but don’t tell that to Quinn or she will be mad at me.” 

“I seriously doubt that she would pay attention to anything I have to say.”

“Oh, you would be surprise of all the things that can happen in the future.” 

The brunette’s belly fluttered with all kinds of pleasant emotions at the idea of Quinn being her friend. Suddenly excited at what the future could bring, she let her mind dream further and thought that, maybe, given the way they looked in the picture, the blonde could be something more than just a friend to her.

Just a second later, she shook her head. Sure, Rachel, because the super Christian Quinn Fabray is going to look at you like that. It’s never going to happen. Besides, you are in a committed relationship! Why would you even be thinking about being in lesbians with the former HBIC? Though, it would be funny if every girl that Finn has dated ends up being gay. 

Rachel actually laughed at this and then asked. “So, your moms are…?”

“Brittany and Santana.” the girl beamed proudly. “They are the best parents I could have ever ask for.”

“Oh, that’s good.” the diva sighed in relief. “I mean, not that I would mind having a daughter coming back from the future, really, because it would add a lot of appreciated drama to my life… but the fact that you can’t sing to save your life? That’s just, that’s just wrong.” 

Sugar stared at her for a few seconds before her laughter burst out and she said. “I should have been offended by that, really, but I’m already use to it. Aunt Quinn always teases me about how it is possible that I’m so bad at singing when mami is a triple Grammy Award winner.”

At this piece of information, Rachel opened her eyes widely. “You did not just tell me that Santana Lopez, of all people, has not one, but three, Grammys.” 

“She’s really good,” Sugar defended her quickly. “And is not like you didn’t know that, anyways.”

The diva blushed a bit and then rubbed her temple. “Wait, you said that I was your favorite auntie… does that means that I’m friends with your parents?”

“Umm…” Sugar wrinkled her nose and sighed. “I’m not sure how much I can tell you, I mean, it might change things and make it worse or something so I don’t know-“

“It’s okay, I get it.”

They stayed in silence for a few minutes. Sugar waiting for Rachel to process all the information and the brunette trying to figure out what to do about it.

“So, umm, do you know?”

“Know what?”

“What do you need help with. I mean, is it a date, or a fight or does Santana gets a new boyfriend again?”

“I don’t really know.” she murmured under her breath. “Will you help me, then?”

“I wouldn’t be a good aunt if I didn’t.” Rachel replied with an excited smile. “I’m going to hug you now, okay?”

Sugar beamed and lunched herself to her aunt’s arms. The stayed like that for some minutes until Rachel pulled back, and looking at her niece with serious eyes, asked: “So, umm, if Santana has three Grammys… how many Oscars do I have?”

Towards Truth

3x07 fic. Takes place right after Santana comes out to her abuela. 

Summary: “And I—” Santana tilts her head back, catching tears in her throat. She stares at the ceiling of her car. “I don’t want to keep you a secret anymore, Britt.” 

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Let Me Tell You Another Story

Potentially triggering. But this is a No Shame November.

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ficlet: rub a dub dub - brittana


bathtub drabble: brittana 

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Fic: And I’m Calling on You to Be My Lifeline (6/10)

Pairing: Tina/Santana friendship, Brittana

Summary: Tina isn’t sure how Santana manages to mix her number with the crisis helpline, but now that it’s happened she is determined to do everything she can to help.

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Fic: Words Don’t Mean Anything. (I Know It’s Coming Soon) (Santana/Brittany. ~1500 words)


Title: Words Don’t Mean Anything. (I Know It’s Coming Soon)
Words: ~1500
Spoilers: Current Episode
Author’s Note: 
Title from Transmitter Failure by Jenny Owen Youngs because it’s been on repeat while I was writing this. This is It’s All Over Aftermath and leading into episode 4 (squee) I guess?

“As she kicked off her jeans again and climbed back into my bed, motioning for me to follow, I realized that it never mattered if I found the right words with Brittany.

Words don’t mean anything to her; she always knows what’s coming.”

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